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5 Destructive Money Habits to Quit Today ✖️

1. Mindless shopping

To be in good financial shape, we need to give up our consumer mentality. Instead of relying on consumerism for our happiness, we need to rely on inner joy and practice more mindfulness.

2. Using a credit card as a loan

Credit cards are great and serve a purpose. In most countries, you need it to build a good credit score. But the problem with credit cards is that we think it’s free loan.

3. Borrowing money for liabilities

“live below your means.” But if we need to borrow money to buy a car or other consumer... (More)

India's GDP grows by 8.4% in Q2 of FY22 against record 20.1% growth in last quarter.

The ministry of statistics and programme implementation on Tuesday said that the country's GDP grew by 8.4% during the second quarter (July- September)of 2021-2022 compared to a 7.4% contraction in the second quarter of 2020-21. India had posted a growth of a record 20.1% in the first quarter(April - June) of 2021-22.

GDP at current prices in Q2 at ₹55.54 lakh crore.
GDP at current prices in Q2 at ₹55.54 lakh crore.


Crypto fund inflows hit record $9.5 bn till Nov in 2021

Cryptocurrency products and funds posted record inflows of $9.5 billion in the first 11 months of 2021, Coinshares data showed. Bitcoin has seen inflows for 11 straight weeks with a  total of $2.7 billion, Coinshreas said. In 2020, total Bitcoin inflows were $6.7 billion. Ethereum-based products and funds saw inflows for five straight weeks with $23 million.

Bitcoin rose $58,000 yesterday
Bitcoin rose $58,000 yesterday




The reasons why benchmark indices at BSE and NSE fell sharply by over 2.9 percent weighed down by various factors. Covid variant strain in South Africa has raised fresh concerns in India.