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Psychology  is basically the "science of behaviour" - a process concerned with scientific investigations in the study of human/animal( liably any living creature's) behaviour and cognitive processes. 

It is also the study of the affects and effects of variable physical and mental states on our behaviour and cognitive processes in relation to the circumbing circumstances; where in the physical and mental states may include emotions, intelligence, instincts, motives,etc by which an individual is driven.

Startup Club

Did you THINK? 🤔

T: Is it true?

H: Is it helpful?

I: Is it inspiring?

N: Is it necessary?

K: Is it kind?

In the midst of the day, just THINK before you act! 💭

List of top soft skills employers value (to use on your resume)

Soft skills are vital for a highly functional workplace because they enable people to get along better and efficiently complete their tasks. There will be more misunderstandings and clashes in the office, or via remote communications, between co-workers without soft skills.


No matter what job you have, communication will be a key component of your success. Whether verbal or written communication, you need to have this soft skill polished to make things more seamless at the office.

Terms or phrases you can use on your resume that reflect communication skills include:

  • Active listening
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Presentation skills... (More)

PhonePe acquires Pune-based micro-entrepreneur platform GigIndia

Walmart-owned PhonePe on Monday announced that it has acquired Pune-based GigIndia, a network for freelance micro-entrepreneurs. PhonePe did not reveal the financial details of the deal. As part of the acquisition, GigIndia will be integrated with the digital payments platform. GigIndia has 1.5 million entrepreneurs and over 100 enterprises as customers, the company said in its press release.