How did M.S Dhoni become CEO of Gulf Oil for a day?

The event, named 'CEO's DDay' (Dhoni Day), was designed to unleash the power of Brand Dhoni, to motivate the employees, and for them to get first-hand insights on the cricketing legend's experiences on teamwork, passion & leadership.

D Day began on a high note with loud cheering as the new CEO greeted all the employees across all the locations in India with words of encouragement. After a quick Management team meeting to get an understanding of the business, a Townhall ensued, where MS Dhoni spoke in-depth about Gulf's Vision and just as he was a part of GOLIL's growth journey so far, he pledged to be an integral part of the company to achieve their Top 2 in Two Years (T2I2) Vision. The agenda also included web-based video calls to some of their top customers.

Later in the day MS Dhoni was joined by Hinduja Group management and met CEOs and top bosses of India's most powerful Investor Houses with interests in GOLIL.

Such was the public interest that, by the evening, news of MS Dhoni apparently becoming full-time CEO of Gulf.

D DAY - CEO of Gulf
D DAY - CEO of Gulf