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Past, Present, and Future: Use Time Perspectives to Live Better

Why do we often carefully think before we spend our money but don’t do the same when we spend our time?

The 3-time perspectives of the human mind

When we think about time, we usually think of the following states and how they impact our actions:

Past: When you’re focused on the past, you’re often paralyzed by what has happened to you. You either wish your life was like the “good old days” or you wish certain things didn’t happen. People who often ask “Why?” are overly focused on the past.

Present: When you’re primarily focused... (More)

Rebecca SatyasreeJunior Coach
Junior Coach @ interior designing

Mental Heath Benefits of Doodling 🖊

Doodling is a fun-based brain exercise that we all have been engaged in at some point of our life. Let us explore the benefits of doodling for mental health:

1. Doodling Helps With Anxiety And Stress Levels

When we repeat a word, pattern, or shape while doodling, it ends up slowing down our brain. This is turn but brakes on us overthinking, our thoughts wandering, and negative thoughts swiping in. Thus, doodling offers a calming impact that brings relief to the stress and anxiety that one experiences.

2. Doodling Aids In Learning

Recent psychology research has found that doodling in... (More)

Every Experience Is Worth Having

Do you feel this urge to experience life to the fullest? Do you feel like you need to do more in life?

A lot of people have a bucket list with a lot of great things on that list. And they chase those things desperately.

Millions of people all over the world are saying goodbye to traditional beliefs and prefer to live differently. They want to travel the world, enjoy the company of others, hike in the Andes, watch air balloons in Turkey, go surfing, you name it. We’re chasing experiences. But we’re missing out on the real experience of... (More)


World AIDS Day, celebrated on 1 December every year is an opportunity for the community to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS, to show support for those who have been diagnosed, and to remember those who have been lost to the disease.

This year the theme of the day is "End Inequalities, End AIDS", highlighting the fact that as much as the virus itself, the social stigma attached with it also greatly affects people.