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Open Mic


Kamala Das: March 31, 1934 – May 31, 2009

With her mother being a famous poet and her grand-uncle a respected writer, Kamala grew up in a culturally rich household.

She married at the young age of 15 and the resulting unsatisfactory relationship led to her writing being focused on domestic and sexual oppression of women. Her open and honest assessment of female sexuality made her work both controversial as well as acclaimed.

The poetry of Kamala Das is known for its confessional tone, like that of Sylvia Plath. She wrote in English as well as in Malayalam,... (More)


Mahadevi Verma: March 26, 1907 – September 11, 1987

Mahadevi Verma was born in a liberal Hindu family and it was her mother who inspired her to write poems at an early age.

After her husband refused to live with her as she was not good-looking, Mahadevi began teaching at village schools around Allahabad.

She went on to become the Principal, and then the Vice-Chancellor of Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth, a woman’s residential college in Allahabad.

As a poet, Mahadevi Verma is regarded as one of the four major poets of the “Chhayavaad”, an era of Neo-romanticism... (More)